Dream Toys: More Than 20 Projects to Knit and Crochet by Claire Garland

By Claire Garland

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Can quantum operations, recombinant shapes, and hid distribution really result in enjoyable? yes they could! simply test those optical illusions, mechanical flair puzzles, maps and mazes. "Selections are fascinating. "--School Library magazine.

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After wandering in and out of simple geometrical shapes all day, the fly might know. . STRETCHY SHAPES & SQUIGGLY LINES 41 POWER LINES Each of the five houses below needs a connection to each of the five power stations. Each house must have a power line leading to its own power station, and none of the power lines must cross. Can you draw the arrangement of power lines? THE BRIDGES OF KONIGSBERG This 200-year-old puzzle is one of the most famous topological problems of all time. lt encouraged popular interest in topological map-making and led to further development of this branch of mathematics.

Topologists are interested in the qualities of a shape that can be changed (variants) and the qualities of a shape that remain the same (invariants). Although you can hardly recognize your original postcard as you stretch it over your head, the postcard still has edges and vertices that become visible again if you fold the post­ card back to its original form. MOBIUS MYSTERIES When you take and connect the ends of a strip of paper, you make a simple loop with two sides, two edges, an inside and an outside.

MECHANICAL APTITUDE 45 STRANGE SHAFTS Which of the plates on the shaft (A, B, C, D, E) lift upward more than once at just one clockwise tum of the revolving shaft? A B c E D PULLEYS & ROPES In which direction do parts of the rope A, B , C, D , and E move if you pull the rope part a in the direction indicated by the arrow? E 46 MECHANICAL APTITUDE WHEELIES Which of the wheels turns around the fastest? COUNTERCLOCKWISE COGS Which cogs (B, C, D , E, F) rotate in a counterclockwise direction when cog A turns in a clockwise direction?

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