Daring Wives: Insight into Women's Desires for Extramarital by Frances Cohen Praver

By Frances Cohen Praver

Riveting vignettes express the interior and outer lives of ladies engaged in extramarital affairs. In spotlighting the various impacts that spur girls to cheat—from marital discord, early life histories and sociopolitical historical past to pop and postmodern culture—Dr. Praver neither condemns nor condones such affairs. as an alternative, she goals to assist better halves and husbands query their very own wants and activities, realize their very own roles in marital difficulties, and develop into encouraged to discover artistic options. This paintings is an intimate and complete exam of other halves' wants for extramarital affairs. It contains vignettes from more youthful and older other halves, in addition to operating, stay-at-home and remarried better halves, from people with and with no kids, and from those that flip to same-sex affairs. The authoritative and scholary underpinnings are awarded in a reader-friendly type that would entice all girls, in addition to to clinicians and academics.Readers who're interested in or contemplating extramarital affairs will believe supported, established, and encouraged to go into right into a discussion for switch. This e-book and its bright case stories, full of discussion that permits readers a front-row seat within the remedy room, motivate one to pay attention and examine with out harsh perjorative judgments. whereas the problems listed below are profound, the booklet is usually evocative and relaxing.

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55 Through these enduring works of the nineteenth century, we can get an idea of where the writers are coming from, historically, morally, and critically. In The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne56 tells the tragic story of shame, sin, and redemption. Hester Prynne, a married woman, dared to act on her desires and to take a lover. Hester was forced to marry an older, deformed man whom she did not love, so in a sense she was a victim of her times. Her desire for passion and love were motivations for the affair.

She lost her dowry and one-third of her property and was banished. Another man wishing to marry her risked criminal offense. 9 In ancient times, adulterous wives came to a bad end, with one exception. 10 So, a conniving woman who bettered herself through a man was held in high esteem. At that time, the only way a woman could better her station, if not by birth, was through a man. So, even though she was not punished for her infidelity, her fate was nevertheless contingent on a man. In ancient Assyria, adulterous wives had their noses cut off or were killed at the behest of their husbands.

Freud47 described the inherent disposition of little girls as less aggressive, defiant, and self-sufficient. By nature, her greater need for affection (greater than little boys’) leads her to be more dependent and pliant. He then went on to modify his sexist words by stating that individual differences outweigh these gender differences, so they are of no great consequences. But they have been of very great consequence for women. As to psychological feminine development, Freud wrote that little girls started out as little boys until they discovered that they lacked a penis.

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