Black Skin, White Masks, New Edition (Get Political) (2008) by Frantz Fanon

By Frantz Fanon

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He wants it ... ” In the absence of such a challenge, Fanon argues, the colonized can only imitate, Fanon 00 pre xxxii 4/7/08 14:17:03 F O R EWO R D TO TH E 19 86 ED ITIO N xxxiii never identify, a distinction nicely made by the psychoanalyst Annie Reich: “It is imitation ... when the child holds the newspaper like his father. ” In disavowing the culturally differentiated condition of the colonial world—in demanding Turn White or disappear—the colonizer is himself caught in the ambivalence of paranoic identification, alternating between fantasies of megalomania and persecution.

Fanon 01 text 11 4/7/08 14:16:37 12 BL AC K S KIN , WHITE M A SKS (quite like someone who, in the colloquial phrase, is “getting a start in life”) the black man is jubilant and makes up his mind to change. There is no thematic pattern, however; his structure changes independently of any reflective process. In the United States there is a center directed by Pearce and Williamson; it is called Peckham. These authors have shown that in married couples a biochemical alteration takes place in the partners, and, it seems, they have discovered the presence of certain hormones in the husband of a pregnant woman.

Dakar, Rufisque, whorehouse, dames, café, mangoes, bananas. . ” Mannoni has described what he calls the Prospero complex. We shall come back to these discoveries, which will make it possible for us to understand the psychology of colonialism. ” I meet a Russian or a German who speaks French badly. With gestures I try to give him the information that he requests, but at the same time I can hardly forget that he has a language of his own, a country, and that perhaps he is a lawyer or an engineer there.

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