Beyond Yahweh and Jesus: Bringing Death’s Wisdom to Faith, by Robert Langs

By Robert Langs

The 1st in-depth psychoanalytic examine of the previous and New Testaments, Beyond Yahweh and Jesus facilities on God's position in permitting people to deal with loss of life and the anxieties it inspires. Yahweh is obvious as tending to extend instead of reduce those demise anxieties, whereas Christ bargains near-perfect suggestions to every kind. Why, then, asks Dr. Langs, has Christ did not deliver peace to the area? Langs' solution is targeted on what's, he argues, Western religion's loss of a deep figuring out of human psychology―i.e., a scarcity of the mental knowledge had to complement the religious knowledge of faith. it is a void bemoaned as early because the mid-1800s via the Archbishop Temple and through Carl Jung within the early twentieth century.

The trip on which Langs' research embarks leads via an exam of the comparable subject matters of data acquisition and divine knowledge; the failure of psychoanalysis to supply faith with the psychology it must satisfy its challenge; and a suite of propositions which are meant to carry mental knowledge to faith and thereby to begin the 3rd bankruptcy within the heritage of God, during which a refashioned morality and clean divine knowledge play awesome roles. concurrently, the publication bargains a origin for secular kinds of spirituality and morality, in addition to for human efforts to deal with demise and its incumbent anxieties. The challenge of this publication is a lofty yet priceless one: to reinvigorate faith with new dimensions and insights as a way to empower it, in the end, to assist deliver peace to the area, either separately and jointly.

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Indeed, the deep unconscious mind is very much like an inner god, while the conscious mind is much like an uneducated coward. We should keep in mind as we proceed that the thinking engaged in by both psychoanalysts and religious leaders has, until now, been based on extremely limited conscious-system efforts. There is, then, an evident need to recruit deep unconscious wisdom in carrying these endeavors forward from this time on. The deep unconscious mind accurately perceives the all too threatening meanings of traumatic events and communications from others and, in addition, has an exquisitely sensitive and resourceful adaptive processing system and coping intelligence with which to deal with them.

The very derivation of Eve from Adam's body speaks for their unity and oneness. In addition, it is then written, Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and they become one flesh. (Gen 2:24-25) In this context, divine knowledge appears to be linked with an understanding of who we are vis-a-vis others and a recognition that others are not us. As is true of virtually every development in this story, this sense of individual identity also is a mixed blessing. On the downside, it entails the loss of security, protection, and support that is gained by being at one with another human being.

While it may be difficult for us to imagine such innocence and an absence of active sexual feelings, we can appreciate that the blunting of sexual drives would be a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it precludes sexual conflicts, but on the other, it does not allow for sexual satisfactions of a kind that would promote interpersonal bonding, nor would it provide a basis for the sublimation of sexual needs and their transformation into creative channels and personal growth. Nevertheless, just as there is awareness without conscious registration, there also may have been instinctive sexual activities in Eden without explicit, conscious sexual wishes and feelings.

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