An Autobiography by M. K. Gandhi, Mahadev Desai

By M. K. Gandhi, Mahadev Desai

In this autobiography, additionally titled The tale of My Experiments with Truth, Mohandas okay. Gandhi recounts his existence from youth up till 1921, noting that "my existence from this element onward has been so public that there's not often whatever approximately it that individuals don't know." HarperCollins selected this paintings as one of many "100 most crucial religious Books of the twentieth Century." The pursuit of fact was once a tenet for Gandhi. He states that it "is no longer my objective to try a true autobiography. I easily are looking to inform the tale of my a variety of experiments with fact, and as my existence comprises not anything yet these experiments, it's precise that the tale will take the form of an autobiography." He additionally notes that this "will after all comprise experiments with non-violence, celibacy and different ideas of behavior believed to be designated from truth."

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There's fortunately numerous PDFs of René Guénon on bibliotik. Here's one who isn't.

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An Autobiography

During this autobiography, additionally titled the tale of My Experiments with fact, Mohandas ok. Gandhi recounts his existence from early life up till 1921, noting that "my lifestyles from this element onward has been so public that there's not often something approximately it that individuals have no idea. " HarperCollins selected this paintings as one of many "100 most crucial non secular Books of the twentieth Century.

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The Magic Spell of a Book XIX. The Phoenix Settlement XX. The First Night XXI. Polak Takes the Plunge XXII. Whom God Protects XXIII. A Peep into the Household XXIV. The Zulu 'Rebellion' XXV. Heart Searchings XXVI. The Birth of Satyagraha XXVII. More Experiments in Dietetics XXVIII. Kasturbai's Courage XXIX. Domestic Satyagraha XXX. Towards Self-Restraint XXXI. Fasting XXXII. As Schoolmaster XXXIII. Literary Training XXXIV. Training of the Spirit XXXV. Tares Among the Wheat XXXVI. Fasting as Penance XXXVII.

Even after my return from England we hardly stayed together longer than six months. For I had to run up and down between Rajkot and Bombay. Then came the call from South Africa, and that found me already fairly free from the carnal appetite. V. At the High School * I have already said that I was learning at the high school when I was married. We three brothers were learning at the same school. The eldest brother was in a much higher class, and the brother who was married at the same time as I was, only one class ahead of me.

I decided at last to write out the confession, to submit it to my father, and ask his forgiveness. I wrote it on a slip of paper and handed it to him myself. In this note not only did I confess my guilt, but I asked adequate punishment for it, and closed with a request to him not to punish himself for my offence. I also pledged myself never to steal in future. I was trembling as I handed the confession to my father. He was then suffering from a fistula and was confined to bed. His bed was a plain wooden plank.

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